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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Feedback about arun calls/who is arun stock guru/accuracy of arun calls?

Over the last few months I have received amazing appreciation from people all over the world.Hers a few notable example of those:-

1)Never met him ..hardly had any talke wid him ...I was jst silently following his posts/comments at various communities/blogs for last 2 months... though never invested any money on his calls ( and I regret for it :)Hez doin a gr888 work at such a small age ... n his analysis are amazing !!!if one can invest in human beings, i would definitely love to have some stake in him :D..Arun U Rock man!!!Wish you would become a future big shot in Indian Stock Market .. Good luck dude !
Tarun jain(Kolkata)

2)A kid with amazing talent having super cool brains and impecable skills of marketing and also not to forget the masterpiece of stock markets.Really a Great Guy to be With...He is an expert in Handling People..A charm, most lovable and coollll guy who is damn caring about people around him and had great respect with his friends .Very paractical and straightforward person takes life wid positive attitude.He is damn brilliant,very good debater.. carries himself quite well and has a very good sense of humour..So much to learn from him especially the zeal of conquer everything and not surrendering..A mature young friend who is reliable and never lets u down..He rocks everywhere..He comes with so much confidence that could beat even the greatest of challenges down to a pulp..He's one of those few people you could always look upto when trapped in complacency.If you have met him,you can't do anything except loving him. He is the best guy I have met...Arun be as you are for are a delightfull personality.
Reshmi dutta(bilaspur)

3)Knowing him from past few yrs,thats AM,a multi-talented super star am sure he will go a long way of success and will be known all over he's dynamic,energetic,which is his plus points.....With Love from,
Manish Bothra,

4)Arun is a name that spells security and safety in the stock markets.Wth his uncanny ability to spot an stock at a time when it is virtually unnoticed,he has made quite a name for himself.People from all walks of life acknowledge his ability sooner or later and have a great respect for his talent which started at a very young age and at the current stage its in full bloom.I was fortunate to knw him frm d time he discovered his talent and eversince have known him frm close quarters and I can vouch for the fact that he is gr8 at his job of making money or optimising the wealth of the investors within the limited resources at the disposal.Atribute 2 his abilities would be noticed in the fact that his fan following includes all kinds of people from top level management of organization to retail investors who have a healthy respect on his abilities which has been gathered over a period of time with his sincerity and dedication to his work and willingness to put in long strenous hours in his research.A`true genious.
Debjyoti Gupta(Kolkata)

5)Where do i satrt to describe him...One thing is for sure.He sure isn't your average Joe.This "KID" has a heart as big as himself.This guy sure knows how to help people and let me tell you he is quite a guy with the ladies :-) In my life,i was inspried by only a few of them and of that i got affected the mostby this guy. Guess why? he was the one who developed the passion for stock markets. His smile is also uncorroupted just like him. Good looking,intelligent,smart just fun to be with.His words n deeds go around like wild fire n is followed or imitated by many.. Responsible is another word tht can define him. A person who wrks without rest n who rests without doin any wrk at all :) A guy with million frndz n who keeps in touch with all those, how does he do it? God knows.His best trait being hes one heck of a friend who'll stand by u through the craziest n worst of situations..hes really good at understanding people n he simply is the best friend anybody could possibly want..thanks man!.
Ankush agarwal(Lucknow)

6)so this guy's talent forced me 2 write a testi for him...... every 1 have seen playing tendulkar and ganguly... but sachin is an idol 4 every 1 why?i wiill tell u..... coz he started playing cricket in a very small agae.. this story describes arun... coz he started thinking of touching the heights from the age of 12...... oh my god its mentally impossible... is bande ke dreams bohat high the ,hain aur rahenge... he knows everything bout stocks... i can easily smell it from his talent... a very descent guy ,smarty and handsum too... i just started chatting him 7-8 days before...itte kam time mein i think we r now good frnds... jyada to nahi jaanta but he must b heart throb of many.... so keep up the good work dude.
Saransh Singhal(Meerut)

7)Well this whizkid is a versatile genius,Be it in sports or stock market yu name it and he will be there.Arun is impeccable in whatever he opts and finishes with sheer class of perfection.In a nutshell have earned beyond my expectation with his tips.His understandings of market and priceless ability to factor the news instantly has made him the preferred man of many simple gullible investors.I know him since last couple of years thanx to a social networking platform where maestro again is one of the top 5 boarders among millions.So humble so simple so kind to everyone just a indispensable gem.Long live brother and GOD BLESS YOU.
Ankur pathak(Copenhagen,denmark)

8)A guy with greap hopes and self determination. Real hard working chap doing wonders at his small age. One of the best guys I have came across in my life. Sure to reach highs in coming time. As for him high is without a high!!!
Ankur goel(Hyderbad)

9)in todays time u might come across a genuis...but a genuis like this who is ready to share his knowledge wit others witout wishin nethin in return is definately impossible..atleast it was impossible till orkut discovered Arun.
Sunil jha(Bihar)

10)Headlines Of ET @ India 2020.
Rest Will Be Story & History...
Rohit Gadia

11)well arun..a.k.a nura.. i shud say tht he is the rite combo of bein practical and being a good frnd..Well i mst say..he is 1 of the youngst person 2 achieve so many still vry humble..the truth is me quiet jealous of him abt his success..hehe no offence meant..he has a vry patient ear...haha nd his fav. dialogue is .."mai sochta kam hu kaam karta hu"...which spks volums of him..A truly giftd son of god..we all knw abt the stock market guru tht he is..Can challenge any so calld analysts of world..he is tht good..really..Nd boy he is really a casanova...kitnii ladkiyaa martii haii is par..nd he maks thm do tht loll..I m really priviledgd 2 hav u as maah Hop we mak our dreams cme true..2gethr ..nd shw the world.. ki the 20 yr. odd guys( drop-outs lol).. can do so much..the world evr dremt of... bst of luk 2 u
Pratik agarwal(Shrirampur)

12)What to say about Arun,Certainly one of the most helpful and friendly guys I have known.An excellent mind with a sharp intellect.His knack for reaching out to people, his terrific sense of humour coupled with an endearing personality is just what people like around when they want a friend :-)Girls go crazy for him,he rules hearts for sure.He is One of the kingpins of Stock markets.Arun is a practical, hardworking and sincere guy having high hopes and admirable aspirations. The best part about him is his humble attitude and desire to know more. I would describe him as a thinking strategist who evaluates any proposal to the core before taking the plunge which is why he can pose as the HUTCH BOY with sucess following him about !!!!! Great guy to hang out with because with such varied accomplishments too, he has no ego. A very ambitious guy acheives whatever he targets and hates loosing at anything.And not to forget "ONE OF THE YOUNGEST LAKHPATIS.
Anuj puri(Saharanpur)

13)Very sharp brains behind a cute face. At 19-20 years of age, he is one of the busiest Stock Market analyst in India. I am sure he will reach his dreams of retiring at 27 with a billion in his pocket, a house on the beach, a Ferrari at the backyard & a cute & loving wife by his side. What I like most in you is that after all these hard work, you have an active personal life too. You earn & also have fun Great going man !! All the best
Sandeep sengupta(Kolkata)

14)Crazy about stock markets-A super business minded Cute boy-Blatantly honest&gentle-Very very popular with his freinds and helpful,mmm wat do i write about u more?really not a easy task for me.But one thing i can definitly say that is hes one of the mossssttt matured person with a damn great personality that i've come across the way in which he thinks is quite different from da rest and dats wat makes u soooo special,to me hes a very sweeeettttttttttt and more importantly very caring pal.He understands me pretty well and i knw i can depend on him for any kind of suggestion or advices whenever i need.A cool person has no hang ups,Arun will always stand by you,no matter what.Sometimes, I wonder how can somebody be so selfless especially when it comes 2 Friends!! I have and will always appreciate the fact that u have always been there as a friend.....And I am really glad about that.....Love you baby...girls keeps drooling.
Madhumita sanyal(Kolkata)

15)1024 wrds r rlly smll engh to dscrb such a kul,stylish,smart,hndsm&vry swt frnd..he is 1 of d bst frnd of mine...le'me hv a try to lghtn up sum of d incmprble&inspring attitudes..dynmic,enrgtic,quick-witted havin vrstile prodigy,gr8 sense of humr&gr8 of d mst gr8 qulities which i like..he is vry mch creative&high ambitious rckstr..dis guy rlly hv d innr ptntial to tk d lddr of our cntry in hs own hnds..anthr admrble qulty whch i shld mntn..stck mrkt is jst in d grp of his fngrs..rlly a gr8 advisr in dat concrn havin a huge no of fan fllwings..nd frthrmre he is vry mch girlfreak....whn i mt him i ws rlly amzd to find such a gd and carin frnd of mine....bys nd grls trst him nd b wth him alwys..rlly vry much trustworthy,caring&lovin..le'me assur u 1 thin dat he wll nvr hurt u...a vry swt nd cute lad to hng out with...he will nvr mk u feel bored..rlly goin lss of wrds nw...wish to c u on d top of all 10 yrs dwn d line nd i m with u alwys buddy..dnt wishes and lots of hugs for u........
Subhajit Mukherjee(Howrah)

16)Wat 2 say abt him....Here I go....let me tell u all 1 thing dat its impsbl 2 descrb hm in wrds or few adjectvs.... God!! still let me try..xtraordinarily talntd n ambits guy i hv evr cum acrss..he is so much clear wid his wrds..and pls dnt ask me abt his knowldg..trmndsly well equipd knwldg..really hats off...he is a gr8 inspiratn 4 me..da ultimate boss of stock market..n yes,,1st thng u'll notice is his stng prsnlty...n all u gals out dere,,,,ya am quite aware dat u go gaga over him...n am SURE dat he will make his place among da top businsmen...all da bst 4 ur brite futr ahead......keep rcking...
Tenisha acharya(Kolkata)

17)Amazing Chap!
There are many who get an idea or two by chance, but few who have consistent supply of them...
He is one of the few people.
Good Ideas, nice skills,
Good human.
All in all. Rockstar!
Pulkit Kumar(Delhi)

18):) I start this testimonial with a BIG smile. Coz when i think of Arun, thats what comes first. He is a damn cool guy, with an ATTITUDE so HOT to die for. Hes clear of what he wants, has achieved so much within this age, thats what makes him 'THE DUDE'. AND....definitely arun, we will have JV's. Hez the guy of every girls dreams :P (wont be surprised if u heard that before!). His brain is supercool and he has a beautiful and understanding nature to match. ALL in ALL hez a TOTAL-PACKAGE. Watch out world!! Least he should buy u someday!! All the Best yaar!! U r da BEST :D
Priya kuber
Read about priya kuber here

If you people wants to write too...You are most it good/evil..Anything is fine and everything is acceptable to me.

I can be reached

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